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Technology without a soul is just data

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CloudNow is a division of Yael Group, Israel’s largest private IT company. We specialize in clients who are considering, planning, or actively conducting a move to cloud computing. Whether a company’s servers are in-house or hosted (or even already on a cloud), CloudNow plans and implements the optimal cloud architecture with the optimal cost for the company’s services.


Technology leverage

A reseller of Google’s cloud infrastructure and office apps, CloudNow also benefits from Yael Group’s broader range of IT services. For a client that needs full end-to-end integration, CloudNow can call on the group’s resources to build a total solution.







Human advantage 

We see our clients’ companies as more than profit-and-loss vehicles. A company is a human collaboration for envisioning, paving new paths, developing, and creating. Technology, therefore, shouldn’t stand in our way – but provide us with tools to make our life easier and our work better.

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