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Whatever you need

CloudNow helps organizations of every kind and size, at every stage: from planning the optimal architecture for your transition to the cloud, to making the most of Google, Microsoft, and/or AWS’s unique enterprise cloud offerings.

We round out these cloud services with complementary solutions from other selected vendors – including cyber security, database, business intelligence, disaster recovery, live migration, cloud-to-cloud backup, and more.

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Consulting, planning, and project definition

CloudNow ACE (Architectural Cloud Enablement)

At the initial stage, you need to know whether to switch to cloud computing, how to do it, and the smartest way to minimize costs. Our architecture specialists research your business, and then plan the optimal cloud configuration for your services – both currently and in the future.

In crafting this blueprint for your cloud, we emphasize performance, scalability (if needed), startup cost, and ongoing cost efficiency. The resulting design specs form the groundwork for subsequent stages.

Integration, development, and migration

Now that we have the design specs, our DevOps professionals proceed to take care of your entire deployment and integration. We set up all the required servers, linkages, communications, data security, scalability, and so on. If needed, we also migrate your information data. Finally, we perform all the required testing, completing your seamless transition to the cloud.

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Maintenance and support

CloudNow offers full maintenance services: troubleshooting, setting up additional servers and test environments, and so on. In addition, we offer a range of support plans, from office-hour support to 24/7.

Managed services

Maintenance and support is also available as part of CloudNow’s managed services: for the clients who wishes to outsource all of their computing needs, we offer complete, end-to-end service packages.

Our team of dedicated experts will put you on the cloud, take care of all your IT processes, and manage all of your computing services, including 24/7 support to your cloud operation Our managed services enable your organization to focus on its core activities, leaving the entire technical administration to us.

With managed services, CloudNow functions as a valuable member of your own team, working proactively to set up, manage, protect, and support your entire IT operation. Whether you need to scale up, pivot, or simply maintain your usual business, we’ll be there to make it happen.

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