Google Managed Cloud Services

22 Sep 2017, Posted by CloudNow in Azure
Google Managed Cloud Services
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Google Managed Cloud Services

Most major cloud companies provide a similar set of solutions. Yet each also has its uniqueness. The Google cloud stands out for the quality of its services and solutions, and the best cost/benefit ratio.

  • Best latencies
  • Most efficient and cost-effective storage
  • Unmatched big data infrastructure
  • And more.

The Google cloud fits organizations of any size, in any field. Privacy and information security are a priority on which Google places special emphasis. Furthermore, Google meets all of the strictest market standards – meaning that the Google cloud can also serve large organizations and/or those that handle sensitive data (medical, financial, etc.)

But sophisticated doesn’t mean complicated. The platform’s cleverness and simplicity make entering the cloud quick and easy even for small companies and startups.

And to complete the picture, there’s more. In addition to providing Google’s cloud computing services, CloudNow rounds out your digital ecosystem with optional cyber security, backup, database, and business intelligence components directly from additional vendors.

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Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform is an elastic cloud infrastructure for building applications and websites, storing data, distributing content, and analyzing big data. It can serve either a single user or millions of users at once.

Google Apps for work

Google-based email with 30GB storage, offline capabilities, personalized email addresses, spam protection, and more.

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